Grow Tents 101: 7 Things You Need to Know About Grow Tents

So you've finally decided to start your grow, and now its time to do your research regarding grow tents. 

You've found the right place! 

In this article I will explaining all you need to know about grow tents, so YOU can make the right decision when spending your hard earned cash. 


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Why do you even need a grow tent?

Because a grow tent is the ultimate tool for creating an insulated and isolated space for your plants, and its the best alternative for a grow room

It provides fine-tune control of the following:

  • Humidity
  • Temperature
  • Light Exposure

And a layer of protection for your home against:

  • Pests (insects, etc)
  • Smelly plants
  • Dirt
  • Water

There are a lot of options online at various price points when it comes to grow tents.

So which ones are the best bang for buck investment? 

Read on to learn about everything that impacts the quality of a grow tent, and become an informed shopper.

two cannabis plants

1. Material Density

Material Density is an indicator of the quality of the tent when it comes to some of its most important functions. 

Material density will dictate how well insulated the tent is, affecting your ability to control temperature, humidity and light exposure. 

Material density is often described in: 

2. Material Quality

The material quality of the tent pertains to its frame and other features such as zippers and inner reflective material. 

A sturdy tent is a great tent. You don't want your tent to be easily knocked over, or moved around when accidents do happen. 

Having high quality waterproof material inside your grow tent is essential! 

Heavy duty zippers allow for extended use with easy access in and out of the tent. 

3. Reflective Material

The inside of your grow tent should be lined with reflective material.

This material helps to improve the efficiency of your tent.

When it comes to tent grows, electricity cost used to drive fans, pumps and lights cannot be avoided. Just like having a well insulated grow tent allows for better control of temperatures, a good reflective material helps to get the most out of your grow lights. 

mylar reflective material

4. Intake and Exhaust Openings 

Any good grow tent should have design considerations for fans.

To control temperature and provide a steady stream of air fans need to be used to pump air in and out. 

Preferably, you want these openings to be near the top of the tent. This allows you to have easier access to windows in your home. 


5. Grow Light Hangers 

If you're planning to use beautiful LED lights hanging from the roof of your grow tent... 

Then you need a grow tent that supports this! Well designed grow tents include solid bars running on the roof of the tent with provisions to hang some hefty LED lights for serious grows. 

6. Convenience Accessories 

Lastly, it's nice to have a grow tent with some windows and side pockets! 

Being able to see your beautiful grow when the tent is closed is a very nice benefit makes you feel good and also gives you the ability to keep a closer eye on your plants. 

Being able to store some trimming scissors or gloves, or any other tools in an organized way inside of the grow tent is super handy. Good grow tents include side pockets that allow for this.